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Matt Fassas returns to his DIY roots with the release of his bold new record, B Side Of A Dream. His fourth solo release comes packed full of new songs featuring Fassas on each and every instrument tracked. A guitar strong sound lays the foundation for Matt’s powerful vocals and knife sharp lyrics, which offer a deep dive into the phyche of a working musician stuck at home during an unprecedented global shutdown. The heartache, the lonliness, and the eventual enlightenment of a tired man seeking tough answers are all caught in the moment and expressed through the wisdom and virtuosity of a lifelong performer.


The first single to be released is “The Iron”, which cronicles the unique position of MF’s wife going to work full time as a nurse on a pregnancy unit in a big regional hospital, while carrying their first child inside her belly. The song choruses “To see the iron, to hold the weight, to know the point when it could break.” Driving home the idea that we couldn’t understand how heavy such a thing is to see and carry with you at all times, while also expressing the toughness and resilience of human life.

This album is the result of two years of tinkering, retuning, experimenting, and recording hundreds of takes, all within Matt’s Greenville, SC based music lesson studio on a single laptop computer. A monumental feat for an individual, designed to take listeners through a journey of the heart and spirit. B Side Of A Dream is sure to remain a bright star in Fassas’ catalog for years to come. Enjoy!

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Trip (2018)

Produced/Engineered by John Keane.

Recorded in Athens, GA. 

The full length studio album "Trip" is the largest project to date in Fassas' career. Featuring cameos from heavy hitters like Marcus King Band's Jack Ryan on drums, Hammond organ legend Ike Stubblefield, and some of the best players from Upstate South Carolina's exploding music scene including Sam Kruer, Troy Jones, Audrey Hamilton, Adam McFarlane, and Ryan LuvBeatz McCarthy.

Inferno (2015)

Produced/Engineered by Matt Fassas.

Recorded in Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN. 

A concept album built around the skeleton of Dante's Inferno. The Inferno originally tells us of the ten circles of hell and the sins it takes to get you there. This album was an introspective look at my own world and how it compared. Every song a different genre, tone, feel, and sound. Also, like "For When You Don't Sleep" this album was recorded and engineered by Fassas in his own home.

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For When You Don't Sleep (2012)

Produced/Engineered by Matt Fassas.

Recorded in Greenville, SC. 

MF's first full length attempt. Recorded in his living room on a worn out second hand computer. Guitars and basses, pots and pans, all put to good use to create the sincere acoustic textures of this album. It's instrumental title track remains a favorite of MF's fans. 

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