"Matt Fassas is a total bad ass"
-Gray Thompson - Fete Magazine
"Like Phish meets Stax Records" -Matt Wake - Link Magazine

Fassas was born in Eastern Kentucky and grew up in the rural mountain town of Irvine. The son of a mother who painted animal portraits and ran an Arabian horse farm, and a father with a strong love for music in his own band, and an up and coming business. MF began to play guitar around age 10, and by age 15 was already teaching lessons as a part time job. The love of music in high school talent show bands became serious study in college. Fassas eventually found himself as a full time guitarist for hire in Upstate South Carolina

Fast forward to now after 20 years of intense practice, writing songs, playing in a wide variety of bands, recording, jamming, teaching, learning, being completely submersed in music every day. The once proclaimed "child guitar guru" is now a man, and he is spreading his word.

With influences spreading from the tall, proud mountains of Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour to the seas of sorrowful songwriters like Jeff Tweedy and Wilco or Ryan Adams, Fassas brings you on a ride across not just ups and downs, but across dimensions of joy and pain, clarity and sarcasm. 



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