Up from the ashes of campfire jam sessions, filtered through foggy years of open mics and cover bands, refined by classical and jazz training in college, then put to hard work paying dues and playing blues for a straight decade on any stage across the Southeast, Matt Fassas has decided it’s time for things to change. With two independently written, recorded, and released solo albums already under his belt, Fassas has formed an all-star cast for his brand new album, “Trip,” including legendary producer/engineer John

Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic), Hammond B-3 organ icon Ike Stubblefield and drummer Jack Ryan (Marcus King Band), and some of the very best players in the ever-growing upstate South Carolina music scene. Clever lyrics and crafty songs mix with wide open improv and shoot straight to the heavens by powerful three-part vocal harmonies.


So what does Matt Fassas sound like? It’s a tricky question. His first solo release, “For When You Don’t Sleep” was a primarily acoustic album with heavy roots influence, focusing on bluesy garage rock that showcased Fassas’ skill as a multi-instrumentalist. On his 2015 release, “Inferno,” he created a full concept album based on the layers of hell in Dante’s Inferno. Fassas began using more interesting tonal textures, experimenting with chordal color and darkness, more intricate structures, and building big melodic moments.


Since the “Inferno” sessions began Fassas has been churning out dozens of new tunes and jamming with tons of great players. He’s taken the best of those down to Athens, GA to record with Grammy award winning producer/engineer John Keane. Sounds are reminiscent of classic guitar tones from Dire Straits or Pink Floyd, stomping verses with powerful vocal lines are more along the lines of Wilco or The Black Crows.


This album is undoubtedly the strongest offering to date from Fassas' catalog. It is emotional, original, and hopefully thought provoking. Catch MF and his Trip on the road soon!

Trip (2018)

Produced/Engineered by John Keane.

Recorded in Athens, GA. 

The full length studio album "Trip" is the largest project to date in Fassas' career. Featuring cameos from heavy hitters like Marcus King Band's Jack Ryan on drums, Hammond organ legend Ike Stubblefield, and some of the best players from Upstate South Carolina's exploding music scene including Sam Kruer, Troy Jones, Audrey Hamilton, Adam McFarlane, and Ryan LuvBeatz McCarthy.

Inferno (2015)

Produced/Engineered by Matt Fassas.

Recorded in Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN. 

A concept album built around the skeleton of Dante's Inferno. The Inferno originally tells us of the ten circles of hell and the sins it takes to get you there. This album was an introspective look at my own world and how it compared. Every song a different genre, tone, feel, and sound. Also, like "For When You Don't Sleep" this album was recorded and engineered by Fassas in his own home.

For When You Don't Sleep (2012)

Produced/Engineered by Matt Fassas.

Recorded in Greenville, SC. 

MF's first full length attempt. Recorded in his living room on a worn out second hand computer. Guitars and basses, pots and pans, all put to good use to create the sincere acoustic textures of this album. It's instrumental title track remains a favorite of MF's fans. 

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