Back to the studio this week to start laying down vocals and lead guitars. Marching forth with engineer/producer John Keane, we have laid down rhythm tracks for 17 songs at this point. Shit is sounding crisp and clean. Cannot wait to continue adding to the mix, will keep you posted!

Son did you hear the news?

It is a season of change, people! I've had the chance to play with some pretty awesome talent lately, and luckily there's proof! Here is a video from my album release show at IPA in Greenville, SC. A little "Sir Bruce the Hungry" to get you going. 


Deluxe Guitar Exchange demos.

I recently did some video demos of some fine acoustic guitars from the Deluxe Guitar Exchange, a guitar shop in Greenville, SC featuring some very nice guitars and amps. Here's one of the videos!

Fete Greenville Interview

My interview with Matt Morgan for Fete Magazine.