True musicianship, great songwriting, and great performance are a rare combination to find in one package these days, though, that is exactly what Matt Fassas presents. Fassas is a musician born and raised in rural Eastern Kentucky, in the heart of bluegrass country. After expanding his horizons and studying classical and jazz music through his college years, he moved his efforts to Upstate South Carolina in 2008 to find himself becoming a full time guitarist for hire. Fassas continued to hone his songwriting craft until finally self-releasing his first solo album, For When You Don’t Sleep, in 2012, an outwardly acoustic adventure seated in blues but reaching far into the realm of alternative and beyond. Since that album’s release MF has continued to climb into the spotlight as one of Greenville, SC’s common faces of the stage, and continues to tour venues and festivals from the beaches of Charleston, SC all the way up to the Ohio River.


The most recent full length release from the mind of Matt Fassas is Inferno, a concept album using Dante Alighieri’s classic tale as a framework in which to observe the crazy ways of the people we see everyday. Inferno is a journey not just lyrically, but is musically quite genre-defying as well. From the horn-drenched reggae backbeat of “Stand Up”, to the hard driving and harmonically complex “Strong Hand”, the stomp-heavy down home feel of “Mockingbirds”, or the cerebral acoustic ballad “Knife”, Inferno is sure to have a sound that anyone and everyone can attach to.


Fassas is primarily a guitarist; though is an avid multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter as well. A firm believer in the DIY method of recording, Fassas engineers, mixes, and produces all of his own material on minimal equipment, making sure that the recording focuses on the performance instead of the studio magic. MF does solo performances, as well as with his band, The Matt Fassas Trip. The Trip bring forth fantastic arrangements, 4 part vocal harmonies, and straight-to-space jam sections sure to keep you wondering what is coming next. Versatility continues to be the name of the game, and nobody does it better than the Matt Fassas Trip!

For When You Don’t Sleep and Inferno are currently available online at iTunes, Amazon, iLike,, Rhapsody, Spotify, Virgin Mega, Zune and many other online music retailers.